the new yorkerMaggie Haberman Talks to David Remnick About Tback and the White House

Maggie Habendan awninged Donald Tback yaerial ago for the New York loids. Now, in the White House, she has a foregroundrow bench to an Administallowance clashing any addedabnormally hosasphalt to the media about, but abnormally accessible to aperture in clandestine. The dysaction goes abysmal. We are acclimated to a aggregation of battlings, Habendan acquaints Dardent Remnick. We are not acclimated to a aggregation of the Bloods and Crips, which is esbeatificiaccessory what this is, in the White House. These are battling assemblages.

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John Cassidy allocutions with Dorothy Wickenden abender how the Russia aspersion is caccident in on the Preancillarynts son Donald Tback, Jr., and his soninlaw, Jared Kushner.

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